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Dear Friends,

God really loves you. He proved it by sending His one and only Son to die on the cross for you! When Jesus Christ rose on Easter morning he proved three more things:

  1. He was God

  2. He could forgive our sins

  3. He could give you an everlasting life


Now that’s an awesome love!

Every moment of every day that love is going out to you - whether you recognize it or not. I pray that through the Holy Spirit’s power you will grab onto that love with faith and realize that life-changing power in your life today!

Prince of Peace is located in White House, Tn.


We invite you to visit our church family and hear the grace filled message of what the Bible calls the GOOD NEWS.

Prince of Peace Lutheran church is for everyone who is seeking to get connected to the grace of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

Peace to you in Christ!

~ Pastor Randy Sakach

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